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I'm human, not an unicorn! 1

Hola, les dejo una historia que escribió una saadist. En unos días subiré la traducción. Espero que les guste.

Hey,guys! Recently I've started to write a story where the main character is obvious Eric.   

Here's part I: 

I'm human,not an unicorn! 

Melody's perspective: 

Hey,guys! I'm Melody....mhmmm..what can I tell u about me?! I'm 19 yo and I can say that my job is kinda

different. I'm like a protective angel,but I'm HUMAN.. u'll find out later what's my job.. u'll see! It's really

cool  So...as I told u... I'm like a protective angel,so everyday I get a kind of "mission". Now I'm on my

way to job's place. When I got there,my boss was being angry cuz I was late.

Boss: Even u were late..I still know that u are perfect for this mission. 22 years ago was born a kid in a 

hospital from Stockholm. His mom's name is Marlene Saade. Well...this kid was and still is in danger. Some 

dudes wanna kidnap him cuz his dad has something that belongs to them,so they wanna kidnap his son to 

make him give that thing...

M: wooowww!! Sooo many "clear" explanations! 

B: u have all informayions u need in that file.

I took the file and when I started to read it I was about to faint!! THAT file was about my idol Eric Saade , 

so that means he was in danger and I have to protect him...but I have to be far away from him,so that he 

can't discover what are we doing. Okay..LET'S START THIS!!!

Eric's perspective:

My mum behaved really weird today at breakfast. What's wrong with her? Oh! I can't think about it now...I 

have a concert in less than 2hours and I have to go to rehearsals. Today I won't be the only singer who's 

performing. Anton Ewald will be there too...and as I heard,he will make a duet with a cute girl called Anka.. 

Cool...I'm just gonna perform the songs from Coming Home EP  I have no idea why my fans think that the 

dance from Cover Girl Part II is pure sex...well I actually know why.. hihi. #sexymusic. So...here we are!Melody's perspective: 

I have to choose some peeps to help me taking care of Eric.. oh! I totally know who am I gonna choose: 

Josipa, Katrin and Moa. They're Saadicts too,so we can fangirl together. I'm gonna tell Varti,who a kind of 

boss, who I chose,but I know she'll agree,cuz she's Saadict too. Oh..I think I'm gonna take Diddy with me 

too :)) 

D: So..we have to protect Eric Saade? OMG! I need air!!

Moa: Why is he in danger?
Me: some dudes wanna kidnap him! But we have to be quiet!
K: Sure we will be cuz we are professional!
Me: yes! So this is the plan: Katrin and Moa,u will be outside the arena. Diddy and Josipa,u will be inside 


I will be in backstage,okay?
All: okay!

Everything went well and Eric was in safe.

*after 3 weeks*

Eric has a concert again. We have been taking care of him for 3 weeks already , but nothing happened!

Eric's perspective:

Today I have a concert and I asked Lima to calm me down cuz, idkfor what reason , I have the feeling 

something bad will happen!! Lina in my PA and a very good friend  Tomorrow I'm gonna make the official 

video of Cover Girl Part II and I have to talk to Jo cuz she'll be the girl who appears in the video.. she's such 

a cutieee! But now I have to sing!

*at the concert*

Melody's perspective:

I saw some weird dudes coming in the arena..mhmm...it doesn't smells good.Eric's perspective: 

I started to sing Cover Girl Part II, but suddenly I heard a BOOM and somebody pulled me out of the stage. 

She just took my breath...that smile,those shinning eyes,that curly hair... 

Melody: can u stop smiling like an idiot and follow me? 


It felt like we run for miles,but we didn't run that much.
E: so...now cuz we are in safe,can u tell me who are u?
M: NO!
E: wait! If u protect ppl,means u're a ...?
M: Yes!
E: So...if that exists,means that unicorns exist too?
M: Eric, I'm human,not an unicorn! Well..we got to or apartment. U will go in and if someone knocks,u can't 

pen the door EVEN it's J-Son with pizza,okay?
E: But if I'm starving?!
M: Dude,life's more important!
E: I still don't know who u are!
M: U'll find out SOON! 

Tell me what u think and also tell me if u want part II  Much love/#Minnie

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