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I'm human, not an unicorn 2

Hola, les dejo la segunda parte de la historia de ayer. Ya se las subiré traducida las tres partes. Espero que les guste.

I'm human,not an unicorn!! PART II

Eric's perspectiv: 

So now i'm in my apartment...and to be honest,i'm starving,but that girl told me.. NO!! I can't be in danger...maybe just my fans can be a lil danger..or i'm a danger for them.. but anyway.. i just realised that i EVEN don't know her name. She's for real a MISS UNKNOWN..  Suddenly i heard a KNOCK KNOCK..

E: Who's there?
J-Son: Ur broooo!!
E:And u have pizza?
E:Sorry,but a hottie told me to not open the door even if it's u with pizza!!
J-Son: Dude, u're drunk again?
E:What? NO!! But send me the pizza on the window.. She did say nothing about the window :))
J-Son:Okay...seems that someone is a lil weirdy today..i'm gonna play ur game 
E:Thank u!!

Yaaayyy!! Pizzaaaa!!!

Melody's perspective:
Now cuz Eric is in safe,i can finally rest a little.. Tomorrow he's doing the OFFICIAL VIDEO of Cover Girl Part II and i have to be there :))

*Next morning*
Eric's perspective:
Wondering who can be...

E:Who's there?
M: The girl who asked u to to not open the door even if it's J-Son with pizza..
E:Ahaaa! OKAY!
And when i opened the door i saw a girl wearing a black sexy suit...does she want to kill me?
M: Eric,u're doing it again!!
E:Sorry,it wasn't me who chose to wear THIS suit..
M:Oh..shut up! Let's go to the place where u're filming the video..
E:So...u still won't tell me who are u? Actually,why am i trusting u?
M:JUST trust me!! U won't regret it! And u'll find out soon who am i!
E:Al least ur name is...
E:aww...i love this name..
*Melody is blushing*

*Filming the video*
Eric's perspective:
Jo is a very good actress..that's why i wanted her in ALL my videos. So...let's do it!
As always Lina is with me.. so i look? Perfect for a porn video or..?
L:U look perfect!! Perfect for Saade Sutra..
E:I should have expected this from u!!
L:U know me!!
Lina acted a wondered face 
E: Ha! I'm just kiddin.. I'm happy to know u!
L:Ha! I knew u were kiddin!!

*When they were filming*
Jo: So..let me see if i understood.. I have to play the role of a girl who's walking on the street when Eric sees her and..
E: And i'll start following u..and then i'll dream about us...and we will film some scenes from the dream..
J:Aha...okay..let's start!

Melody:Mhmmm....this video will be veeerryy interesting...

Melody's perspective:
So we are here watching Eric kissing Jo for that video.. Oww!! This is the protection team: Diddy and Katrin outside, Moa and Josipa inside... Varti behind the scenes where Eric changes his clothes,but he can't see her 

E:U rock my w....
Suddenly many dudes wearing black suits came in.. They all wanted Eric!! So...quickly Varti, Diddy,Josipa and Moa started to fight with them while I tried to run with Eric as far as i could,so that they can't follow us.

*In the woods*
E:What the fuck do those dude want from me?
M:Eric, i just can't explain now!
E:I'm fucking fed up with all these secrets.. 4 weeks ago my life was normal.. and now? I wanna know who are u and i wanna know what do they want from me! NOW!!
M:Okay,Mister Angry Teddy!!
E:Angry what? Doesn't matter..tell me!
M:Well...i'm a SPY!! And 4 weeks ago my boss gave me the mission to protect u from these dudes...
E:Who's ur boss?
M: If i tell u,i will have to kill u!!
E:Aww...okay,boss!! U haven't finished ur explanations yet..
M:So..seems that 22 years ago,when u were born, ur dad gave u something important for these guys...
E:Mhmm..what can be? The only thing my dad gave me is this diamond..
M:OMG!!! I'm not wondering anymore why those guys want u dead!!
E:Why? What is this?
M: It's Cat's Eye!! Every "bad guy" wants it!!
E:So...i should give it to them.. and i'll be in safe...
M:Are u crazy? They will kill u anyway!!
E:Ouch... u're working for CIA or FBI?
M:Nope...for SSO!
E:What's that?
M:Sweden Spy Organization 
E:I haven't heard about it...
M:Yeah..cuz it's a secret organization... we're watching everything from shadow.. can a girl like u be a spy?
M:I just can,okay? If i told u some things,doesn't mean i'll answer to all ur questions..
E:Okay,Miss Angry Cat!!
M:Angry Cat? Seriously?
E:Hey...i thought we play Angry Animals' Game we are! It's an apartment where we will hide for a while.
E:Means we're gonna spend the night together...cuz i need protection at night too.. *dirty look*
M:A kind of... *blushing* but NO!! U'll see... 

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