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I'm human, not an unicorn! 3 y 4

Hola, les dejo la tercera parte en inglés. Espero que les guste.

I'm human,not an unicorn!  PART III y IV

*In the apartment* 
Eric's perspective
Mhmmm... A an apartment with a stranger.. What if she's killing me..for real this time? Cuz she already killed me with her look.. Anyway,i think i found Miss Unknown and Cover Girl.. FOR REAL!! I actually know nothing about her..except her name and her job.. But i wanna assume some risks 

Melody's perspective
I'm gonna kiss my boss' feet for giving me this mission. GOSH!!! I knew Eric is hot,but not that hot... What if tonight is gonna happen something? 

M:Here we aree!!
E:Mhmm...nice hiding place 
M:Yeah.. SSO has a lot of money are 2 rooms.. but one of them hasn't got a bed,what are we gonna do? *again a dirty look*
M:We will see...and stop giving me THAT look...i kinda know what it means :))
E:What look? I didn't give any look... I'm innocent like an angel..
M:Yeah.. a fallen angel 
E:haha..mhmm..let's see what we have here.. OMG!! Look!
E:Look what i found!! This movie is mad fun!!
M:Mhmm... "Friends with benefits"  i tkink i know why u like it so much!
E:Seriously? Why?
M: JT is the main character and the movie is full of sex scenes!!! this mentioned in my file from SSO?
M:Nope... I know all about u as i'm ur fan 
E:Mhmmm....interesting... *coming closer to Melody* Do u wanna watch this movie with me?
M: *blushing a little* sure 

*Watching the movie*
If somebody would have come in the apartment in that moment,i'm sure he/she would have felt the sexual pression between Eric and Melody. Eddie was about to unzip Eric's pants.
JT and Mila Kunis were having sex AGAIN in the movie (in the movie they're having sex 10 times i think) when suddenly,Eric starts to sing: "And girl i must confess/I love special effects/ So we should get undressed,she's science fiction"
M:This was the signal?
E:YEAH!!! *very dirty and sexy look*
And Eric puts his lips agains Melody's and climbed on the top of her.He slowly unzipped her sexy black suit while she was unbuttoning his shirt. When she was naked,Eric stopped a little and said: "Wow! This is really science fiction"
M:Hahaha... and u're the dirty hot scientist..i guess...
E:Yeah..u're right,baby! Now...let't solve some chemistry problems.
Eric could feel that Eddie is unpatient,so he fast took his pants off. U can't imagine Melody's look when she met Eddie... actually when Jelly met Eddie..for real. Eddie is in.. Melody suddenly screamed!
E:It's okay,baby?
M:Yeah!! Deeper,Eric!!
And Eddie went deeper making Melody to say Eric's name and it also made Eric moaning. While Eddie was doing his job,Eric was kissing her whole body and she..well..she left some nice scratches on Eric's back..maybe somebody will think that bad guys have done them. Anyway,they had a crazy wild night...

*In the morning*
M:We really did it?
E:No,Melody! We didn't! Soon u'll be woken up by ur histerical mom's voice: "Wake up,lazy! It's time to go to the university!" ... Sure we did it,silly!
M:Hahah..i can't believe it 
E:Mhmm...u look hot in my shirt!
M:Don't u know that this happens in movies?
M:After a hot night,in the morning,the girl is wearing guy's shirt and then they go to eat breakfast together,but we can't do this cuz the fridge is empty,so...'s okay,sweetie!
M:So...after's something between us? I mean...we're a couple..?!
E:I don't mind if this happens.. what do u think?
M:I can't think clearly for the moment...Eddie took my mind 
E:hahahaha...bad boy,Eddie!!!
M:Stop arguing with Eddie...he did a great job last night!! haha :))
E:Yep....daddy is proud! Isn't this weird?
E:I met u 3 days ago and i feel that i know a lot about u..
M:After a sex night? What else did u find out about me?
E:U're a beast in bed..but i should have expected to this as i saw how u kicked some asses when u saved me.
M:hahaha..what else?
E:That's all,but it's enough for me 
M:hahha..naughty boy..
Melody got a SMS..
M:We can go back to Stockholm now... Varti sent me a SMS saying that bad guys aren't there.

*On the way to Stockholm*
E:Any plan to beat the bad guys?
M:Yes! But i won't tell u!
E:I didn't ask this...
M:No,but i knew u'll ask.

In Stockholm,something bad was waiting for them....


Melody's perspective: 
So...we're going back in Stockholm..FUCK! I want that night back! I don't know why i have the feeling that something bad is gonna happen... Here we are! I let Eric in the front of his apartment and i'm going home..still having that fucking feeling.

Eric's perspective:
Oh..i already miss her.. Okay..where did u put those keys?? I'm always losing them..typical for me!

*in the apartment*
E: Who are...?? aaaaaaa... i..don'

Melody's perspective: felt like something shot me...why do i have this feeling... OMG!! Eric!!
I gotta go to him right now!!

She fast got up in the car and run as fuck to E's apartment...there she had a big surprise..

M:OMFG! What happened here? And where is Eric??

She saw a lot of steps traces on the floor...she also saw a gun which the kidnappers probably left it there by mistake... She carefully took it and put it in a clues bag. There..desperate she left the apartment..she kinda know who are the kidnappers..

*at the spy center*
Varti:Why do u have this face?? Wtf happened??
Diddy:Please,don't tell me that...
Moa:OMG! It happened??
Katrin: OMFG!!
Josipa:It really happened?
Indré: OW OW OW! Wait a second..i'm confused...what happened? U had sex or he was kidnapped?! U have the same face... *acting Melody's face*
Tamara:Yeah...agree!! Can u tell us wtf happened?
Melody:Both happened..
Varti,Indré,Diddy: And how was to have sex with him?
Melody: Cool,hot..omg!! what the actual fuck am i saying here?? He was kidnapped!!
Varti:We have to save him...any plan? u know who kidnapped him?
Melody:yeah..a kind of...but the problem is that he doesn't have what they want...I HAVE IT! *and she is showing the Cat's Eye*
Varti:So that means that they'll torture my cute teddy for nothing?
M:Be careful with that "cute teddy" and yeah...
Suddenly Melody's face became red and some tears fell on her cheeks..
Diddy: We will find him..i know we will...
Melody:It's just my fault...
Varti:Do u wanna be slapped?? Actually is his dad's fault! He put him in danger!
M:Yeah..but i was supposed to protect him,not to play with Eddie...
I:Dude,the game with Eddie was the bonus... U protected him when u were with him,but he was kidnapped when he was in his apartment...what do u want? to be with him even in the shower?!
D:Totally agree...
T:Hello!! Are we finding a plan here or..?
Moa:Yeah..stop talking about Eddie and his magic powers...
J:haha...yeah..let's find a plan! we will talk about Eddie later..
K:or we can stop talking about Eddie for a while..
M:She's right.. I found this gun... it wasn't used,but it has fingertips on it..let's find out whom are they belong to...
V:Just found out...they belong to Pete Jonas!
M:OMG!! I can't believe this! We have to save Eric fast!! Pete is one of the most dangerous criminals in the world! He killed 30 ppl last year in New York using a bomb! He doesn't like to play games!
Moa:OMG! Let's think!
T:Do we know where is he kept?
M:idk.. but i have an idea...Pete usually brings his victims in run down factories... What factories do we have here?
V:That clothes factory from Duck Street...'s the only one?
V:I guess so...
M:Okay...Let's go to inspect the place...

*at the factory*
D:OMG! He's there! And i see blood..he's hurt!
M:Just let's go back to the center.. At least he's still alive...

*at E's studio*
Tomas:Where is Eric?
Lina:Idk...i've called him all morning... he doesn't answer.
Oscar: I saw that he left or he was taken by that girl dresses in that black suit...
Suddenly in the room came in Marlene,E's mom...with a panic and sad face..
Marlene:I know what happened with Eric...
T:Do u?
M:Yeah...and i'm scared...
Lina:Please,mrs Saade,tell us! We're worried..
M:Well..i don't know where is Eric now...but i know what happened with him... 22 yo,when Eric was born,his father was being a professional spy...he had succeded in catching many criminals,but this Pete was impossible to be caught.. One day,Eric's dad managed at least to take the Cat's Eye from him,which is valued to 3 millions of Walid had a plan to put the diamond in safe... he gave it to Eric who was just 2 days... he was thinking that Pete isn't that smart to believe that Eric has the diamond... And Eric has grown up in safe till few weeks ago when Pete found out that Eric has what they want. And that girl in black suit is Melody...few months ago she was given the mission to protect Eric...but now i got this letter..and it's from Pete..
Lina took it and read it loudly: "I hAvE YoUr BoY... GiVe Me WhAt I wAnT aNd He WiLl Be AlIvE!.. PETE"
M:But i don't have it...and if Eric doesn't have it,means that Melody has the diamond and my boy is tortured for nothing... I'm gonna call her..

*on the phone*
Marlene: Please,tell me that u have the diamond!
Melody:Yes..and don't worry..everything will be alright..we will save him!
Marlene:Pleaseeee!! I need my careful,dear!
Melody:Okay..thank u!

*at the spy center*
Melody:So this is the plan: I'm going in with Varti,Indré and Katrin.. Diddy,Moa and Josipa will be outside....and Tamara will be on the roof. We will communicate using these walkie talkies... Understand?
Melody:This is a difficult mission...we can die there,but we die for Eric,okay?
All:Okay...LET'S DO IT!

*at the factory*
They could see Eric...and he was really really weak..
And Varti,Melody,Indré and Katrin came in with some huge guns..
Melody:Release the hostage now! SSO! And i'm warning u:I know how to use this! *pointing to the gun*
Pete:YOU!!! Why didn't u die in New York!?
Melody: Cuz somebody from sky loves me!!!
Pete:Not for a long time!
And everybody started to shoot everybody and everywhere... The girls were fighting with Pete's ppl...Pete was fighting with Melody..and Eric...well...Eric lost his consciousness...
Varti to Diddy: We need u all HERE!!! We have to distract them somehow to let Melody take Eric out of here!

And the other girls came in.... They managed to distract them so Melody could take Eric out of there... They also succeded to kill Pete's ppl,but Pete run..AGAIN!

M:Yeah...u're in safe now...Let's go to the hospital..

But Eric wasn't feeling that good... 

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