viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Amor de fan

Hola, ayer @kimitomidoll, subió una foto a su instagram con un comentario dirigido a todas las personas que critican a Eric Saade sin saber nada de él o las que la critican a ella por adorar tanto a Eric sin saber sus motivos personales. Les dejo tanto la foto como el comentario. Espero que les guste.

Random appreciation instagram dedicated to @ericsaadeofficial I just absolutely hate when people say Eric is arrogant & doesn't care about his fans. I most certainly don't like the same old drama about 'special' fans. A fan is a fan. No matter where you're from or how many times you have seen him, he does appreciate you. And I simply can't understand that people are being ignorant and say the opposite. The pictures above are only a few examples but he will ALWAYS make time for you if possible. No matter who you are, he's always willing to snap a picture with you. It's up to you to be patient and wait for him. For once I wish this fandom would appreciate the things he does more. Stop complaining about being noticed and actually support & promote his music. There are artists out there who don't even have a Twitter or strictly use it for promotion. Others are being completely ignorant towards their fans and here is Eric doing his absolute best & you'll always find a little thing to shit about. All I know is that E is a damn amazing person doing his best in everything he does and I really look up to him. He's such a strong person that knows how to handle hate like the best. It's also pretty fucked up to say he only does it for the money when he gave so much money to different good causes already. Like you for example work at a supermarket as a job, he's being an artist as a job. So saying he should do stuff for free is plain stupid cause I'm damn sure you want to get paid at your job to ;) I also don't need people to tell me that I'm stupid for travelling all the time when you have no fricking idea what this kid means to me. I don't have the easiest life and going to Sweden, feed off E's energy and him making me smile, makes me forget my worries for a few days. I also don't need you to tell me that I was dumb for going to E when mom had cancer, cause out of anyone she especially knew going there would make me forget all the stuff about the cancer & make me smile. So please, re-think your words if you ever think of calling him ignorant again. I'm not saying he's God but go watch him live, feel the joy that I feel & see what a fricking awesome person he is. ❤

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