viernes, 5 de julio de 2013

Entrevista a Eric

The pop prince of Sweden is back. We have met him to talk about the new CD, and off course about love.

It’s early morning in the Frida studio. Justin Timberlake’s CD The 20/20 Experience is being played from the speakers and Eric Saade is dancing in front of them. The first thing he says is “hi”, and then just a moment later he says:

- This is “fuck music” right?! It’s so fucking good!

And boom, everyone in the studio gets a little bit embarrassed. Everyone except from Eric, who just keep on dancing. It was 2 years ago since he released a CD, so his new album is really awaited.

- The next album is really personal comparing to the other. The other ones are “feel good” but this album doesn’t have the same kind of “dance songs”. It’s more beats and rhythms, and now it’s more stories that you can listen to over and over again.

Is it scary to do that personal music?

- Actually yes. Earlier I just wanted to release a lot of music, but now I had a lot of time and had time to make it more personal. It has happened a lot in my life that have made it easier to write from my own experiences.

Your first single is called Coming Home, what is it about?

- To be “nykär” (just fallen in love with someone). It’s a bumpy summer song, while the rest of the album will be a little bit darker.

When was the last time you cried?

- I don’t cry very often, but when I heard the end result of the song “Forgive Me” a few tears actually fell from my eyes because it’s very beautiful.

Both your song and your album is called Forgive Me. What does the title refers to?

*Silent. He doesn’t want to answer that.*

You’ll hear that question at least 40 times

- Yes, I will, and I will always reply the same thing. You’ll have to listen to the music and then relate to the song yourself, and find your own story.

Media storms and anxiety

Even though Eric haven’t released music in a while haven’t it been totally silence around him. A few hours after Molly’s and Danny’s relationship got official, Eric Saade wrote “Media Hoes” and “He’s the regular number 2. As usual!” on twitter, which created a media storm.

- I don’t have any problems with medias actually, but I have been a little mad when they wrote that I’m stupid. Around a year ago they wrote that I took 1500 SEK for an autograph. That’s so wrong. Oh my god I’m doing signings where I’m just sitting, writing autographs for hours totally for free. It was the backstage ticket that cost 1500. It will be the same on this next tour I’m doing this summer as well.

Do you ever regret that you are so outspoken?

- No, I tell people how it is, and I actually don’t give a shit if they like it or not.

Do you ever get anxiety?

- Yes, I do feel bad when they write things that are wrong, that’s really sad, but there’s nothing I can do anything about. The only thing I can do is to keep on being honest. I don’t love the medias, but they are doing their jobs, which is to sell the magazines.

Do you regret that you wrote “media hoes!” on twitter?

- No, that’s how I felt. I was frustrated! Sure, I didn’t had to write that, but you know that feeling when you just want to scream out something? You won’t feel any better by just keeping it inside. I got irritated. The other thing about “he’s the regular number 2” was just a joke, but people took it serious. He had just been in Mello, singing about that he always end up as number 2, and the I wrote that on twitter. It’s really fun! Come on?!

Did Danny got mad?

- I don’t know

Do you have any girlfriend right now?

- No comments. That’s not important.

Yes, everyone wants to know!

- I think I seem a little mysterious and soft when I just reply with “no comments”.

Who’s that girl on your instagram?

- I have a lot of girls on my instagram

The girl at the pool, who people claim is your new girlfriend?

- You know… no comments.

What kind of girls do you like?

- Okey I’m going to reply on this one just because it’s FRIDA. I like girls who are just 100% themselves. Girls who aren’t attention seeking.

That’s probably not that many?

- No, basically everyone disappeared right there. Everyone wants a little confirmation, but there’s no need to exaggerate. If I see a girl with really short shorts and a huge U circled top I just feel sorry for her. I’m not that prude, but I think I prefer when girls dress classy instead of sexy.

Have you a bit smaller need of confirmation in a relationship just because you get so much through your work?

- Probably. But you know I could’ve done a lot more things if I’d felt like I wanted more attention. I have only thrown off my shirt and been taken a “nude picture” once, and that was fucking uncomfortable.

I read that your ex Molly thought you were a little bit too “open“ with your relationship.
- WHAT?!

Yes, but you guys never did an interview together, so I want to know how you feel about all this?

- Well I guess she and Danny can take a moment of thinking, because it was them who invited to this press conference when they became a couple. I mean that would never have happened when I got a girlfriend. I’m really private and careful with my integrity.

How are yours and Molly’s relationship today?

- We’re friends.

How are you as a boyfriend?

- I’m super romantic! I’m a movie lover, and love to do things that you can see in movies and think that “it’s too good to be true”. Sometimes I send flowers and give a “movie kiss” when she least expect it.

What is the most important thing in a relationship?

- Trust is the most important thing of all.

Are you a trustable boyfriend?

- I would definitely say I am, yes.

What strengths do you have as a boyfriend, except from being trustful and romantic?

- Haha, haven’t we talked enough about this now?

Alright, what is your dream duet?

- It’s too many to tell you all of them. But it would be fun to do something with Molly maybe? For Danny, I can do it with Molly.

Would it be called “friends again”?

- No, it would be called “I hate you first” haha!

Haha, calm down Eric. That joke can cause a new media storm!

- But it’s perfect! “I hate you first”

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