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Les dejo la traducción a inglés de este último porque no tiene subtitulos:

Welcome, Eric Saade! To pronounce''Saade''. 
Are you tired of those jokes here? Oh I can not even say it, it was nothing. 
What did you say? No, but we shall now hear how the song earlier this morning. 
All right. 
''Hotter than fire,''which is in Vol.2 of the disc just got here and it will be another one. What is the strategy?
The strategy was really just that I had a lot of material, it became a lot more songs this year and I did not put twenty songs on one disc, so it is.
To release an album with ten songs, why do you do that nowadays? 
Because I sell many records, and my fans like. I always want to do it, I'm still young but I love records. To release my records.
You will not be happy, too? You release the records, you are selling and now you have an arena tour throughout the spring. There are not many people dare to do it, what is it that allows you to have an arena tour?
That's right here with the stadium tour is the biggest Decision as I have done, so far in my career. Because it is difficult to sell, as well as to sell records but it's something I've dreamed of and I have sketched the scene that I should stand on.

Then you adjust to yourself because you are indoors. Can make all my creativity.
Highly glazed, then? 
No it will not but there are a lot of other things, it's a dream so it's a risk to do so.
For something of this, you have sat and sketched on now? Themes, feeling? 
No, it's so early still, but it will be my live band, which is here also my dancers. The blit a nice late leddo, and it lasts for 1.5 hours. So it will be fun.
We ask for questions, Ebba, who will receive signed CD by Eric. What is your favorite song, Amanda asks. From the new album.
It is''Hotter than fire''that are single, it became a single for a reason, thought it was very very good.
Got another question, what are you listening to yourself? 
I listen to everything that I think is good. No, but I listen to everything. 
What is bad music for you? 
Bad music is music that sounds like crap. There are good pop songs, bad pop, good hip hop, bad Hip Hop.
Another question, how is it that you're doing so good songs? 
Has done songs with a few, and often it is the melody we do first it will always be first, so you get a feeling, and it may be sad, happy or someone else feel.
Do you have it in your head? Start playing with feeling? 
Yes, together we are playing up the feeling. Jason Gill is a producer and is great at that and Salem Al Fakir, if someone is good at that! So when you get a sense, then the melody back and text as well.
You have a tattoo here, is it new? Have not seen it before. 
Should I tighten muscles? 
Yes, do that. 
It says''My art is my freedom''My art is my freedom. 
Is that so? Do you feel free? 
Yes, you have to learn to point the finger at people who poke one when it comes to one's art, you have to do it. So I always have been.
Are you and Molly Sanden still together? 
Yes, we are. 
What fun. What is your Friday snuggle? Is there anyone who asks. 
Sorry we have not so much mys on Fridays anymore .. 
Monday snuggle up then? 
Watching Idol, for example? 
Yes, if it had been Friday. 
Glad you came! 
Thank you! 
Rocket Sicence a little later!

Thanks to TheBecki96 

A interview of Eric when he was a guest on Nyhetsmorgon ( Swedish morning show ) Nice interview :)
All rights to TV4.

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