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I'm human, not an unicorn! 5

I'm human,not an unicorn! Part V

*at the hospital* Melody's perspective:
Melody: Eric hasn't woken up yet...I'm starting to worry...
E's mom: Don't worry,dear! Doctors said he'll be fine...he's just weak.. But u?
M:I'm okay...
But i wasn't that okay...before he left,Pete shot me in my left hand and one of his ppl cut my right leg with a knife,but i'm okay...well..i'm trying... Eric is in safe now,but as long as Pete is free,he can't be in safe for much. I won't be calmed till i don't see Eric opening his beautiful eyes...what am i talking here?!...actually i'm wondering why i care soo much about him...i should care,but not sooo much...PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I'M IN LOVE WITH's dangerous for a spy to be in love with someone.. WHYY MEEE??

While Melody was thinking about her love problems,E's mom came to her
E's mom: Eric woke up!
M:OMG! Finally

*in the hospital room*
M:Hey...u slept for a while...
E:U know i'm lazy...what happened with u?
M:Pete decided i look better with a shot hand and a cut leg..  
E:Not in a joking mood right could he do this?
M:He killed 30 ppl and u're wondering why he shot and cut me??!!
M:More important is how are U feeling?!
E:I'm left hand hurts a lil,but i'll be okay..
M:Pete's work of art...
E:Melody...i wanna tell u something

The nurse came in :))

Nurse:Eric has to rest..u have to leave!
M:U'll tell me tommorrow what u a lil! sleep tight! Bye.

*out of the hospital room*
Melody: He's fine...but he's really weak..
Indré:How did u wanted him to be? Fresh after a kidnap?
Varti:She's's normal..we have another things to worry about..
Moa:Eric needs bodyguards!
Diddy: He needs us!! We will guard the hospital.
Melody:Okay. Varti and Diddy,u'll stay tonight cuz Moa,Katrin,Tamara,Indré and Josipa are injured!

*after few weeks*
Everithing was alright as Pete hadn't shown up..yet..

Eric's perspective:
Finally i'm feeling better..Finally i can be on the stage AGAIN after soo much time off. I missed a many things happened! How can i start? For the beginning,Anka and Anton are a couple now..sooo sweet!! We will go in the club together tonight.Still thinking about Melody..i haven't seen her for almost 2 weeks... idk,but i think i love her.

*in the club*
Anka: So..Eric..any new love?
E:Ahmm...maybe..idk yet!
Anton:Who's the chick?
Alex:Oh..u have become sooo mysterious in the last weeks...
Lina:I know who's SHE!
E:U know?! 
L:Sure i do! It's the girl who saved u!
Eric blushed.
E:N..N..No! it's not!
L:OMG!! She is!! Ur ears always become red when u lie!
E:How can u see my ears?It's dark here!
L:Magic powers...muahahahah
Anka:Describe her,dude!
E:I can't even remember how was she looking... Those eyes..that hair..that suit..
A:Wooww,Eric! Ur new love is soo...HUMAN!! Everybody has hair and eyes!!
L:He's lying as fuck!
Anton to Anka:Wanna go to dance,baby?!
They had a great time laughing and dancing. 

*after few weeks*
Eric's perspective:
I'm still thinking about her... she fooled me! i still know nothing about her except the fact that she's Melody,if this is her real name, she's a spy and she's a beast in bed *__* (i experienced the last fact about her).But i should think about my concert now! Don't wanna dissapoint my fans.

Melody's perspective:
Why am i so sad? I have this mood since...but her thoughts were interrupted by the girl's coming..
V:Hey,Mel! What's up?
D:U're wrong if u think u can fool us.
I:Yes,dude!What happened? U miss having sex with E...??
Mel:Stay chill,girls! I'm okay... Eric has a concert today...a public apparition may give Pete some clues.
J:So? We have to follow the plan.
T:The same plan...
Mel:But i don't want to be seen by Eric!!
V,D,I:Why?? *winks*
Mel:Oh..shut up,please!!

*at the concert*
E's perspective:
She may be here..i hope! Protecting me! Let's rock the stage,baby!!

The concert was amazing like always..Eric rocked the stage!!! LIVE ALWAYS... backstage...he saw a girl...THAT GIRL!

E:Why are u avoiding me?
M:What? I'm not...avoiding u! I was just looking for...Pete!!I wanted to know if he's here,but thanks God! He isn't!
E:Cool.. I have to finish what i had to tell u at the hospital...
E:I love u,Mel! Idk how this happened,but even i know almost nothing about u,except the fact that ur name is Melody...Melody is ur real name,right?
E:And i also know that u're a spy and a beast in....
E:What? It's true!! So...what do u think about this??

Varti:Melody,it's time to go!!!
M:I'm comiinnggg!!! I gotta go! But we will talk..soon..i promise! I have to tell u something too!

E's perspective:
Yeah..i actually knew that she won't tell me something concrete. I did a mistake telling i love her! 

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