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I'm human, not an unicorn! 6

I'm human,not an unicorn! Part VI

Melody's perspective: 
Cool...even a worm is smarter than me.. How could i leave Eric like that? And after he told me that sweet "I love u"... I gotta talk to him soon..or NOW!

Eric's perspective:
Typical for me to fall in love with the unusual persons EVER.. Eric,when will u learn that love isn't for u?? Maybe i should became hermit...who knows? Maybe life in moutains far away from town's agitation.. And maybe i can marry a goat..we will have half human half goat kids... And i'm gonna teach them to dance...and...i think i shouldn't have drunk soo much yesterday at the club cuz now i'm telling aberrations... Anyway my mind was going far away as i didn't feel when somebody touched my shoulder..

J-Son: Broooo!!
Eric:Oh!! A hermit with half human half goat kids!
J-Son:Note: Don't give Eric that much tequila next time!! Now,son,let's sit down and let's talk about...this! *pointing at E*
E:Don't "son" with me...and i have nothing to say...i'm perfect normal...
J-Son:Yeah! Sure,mister Hermit with Half Human Half Goat kids!
E:Sorry,bro... i was just thinking..
J-Son:About her?
E:How did u know?
J-Son: I know u better than anyone... She's..

E:Wondering who can be...
J-Son:Sure it's not pizza cuz NOBODY ordered one!!
E:It's her!

Eric opened the door.
Mel: Hey..
E:oh hey! Come in!
J-Son: I'm out now,guys! Ahmm.. I had..this thing to do...Byee!!
Both:See ya!

And now they're alone...

E:So...u're here because...
M: I came to end the discussion we...
E:I know what u mean..
M:I'm sorry for leaving like that last time... I was just scared and confused and i didn't know what to say..
E:Scared and confused?
M:Yeah..look, job is really dangerous and i can't have a boyfriend cuz i can put him in danger and..
E:Look.. If u come here to tell me that we can't be together cuz of that and that,better leave..i'm kinda fed up to hear that again..
M:But..I LOVE U! I can't leave... i've been thinking about this a lot..and if u agree to join me in this dangerous life,i don't mind... i can protect u even if u're by boyfriend,even if not..
A huge smile appeared on E's face..
E:Sure i wanna join u in ur dangerous life... I love u!

And he put his lips on hers.. aww..sooo sweet!!
E:And now? What are we supposed to do? movies appears THE END on the screen and starts that end song:tanananan..nanana
E:Baby,we're not in a movie...
M:Sorry,but right now my life is a movie... C'mon! I'm a spy! Jackie Chan has a more normal and boring life than me!
E:Hahaha.. this is the life,babe! U weren't born to be normal.. See?? The destiny brought u here to be my girl..
M:Nope...actually i was brought here by a taxi :))
E:Oh..i love u! *kissed her*

*after few weeks*
Melody's perspective:
Wooowww!!! I've been E's girl for 4 weeks already and the world didn't explode.. Eric is thinking to make our relationship official,but i don't think i can handle this yet... I can deal with Pete,but i don't think i can deal with angry fans.. They're like angry birds..i hate that game,btw! Suddenly somebody knocked.. 

M:Who's there?
E:oh...Hottie1234 :))
E:Can't u change the password?
M:Naaahh...i like when u say it with ur swedish accent.. not! So.. as i told u before i wanna make our relationship official..what do u think?
E:Baby,what's up?
M:I don't think i'm ready to be followed by paparazzi,to get hate from fans..
E:Mel,we're in this together! U know what means "together"!
M:OKay...let's do this!

*at E's concert*
E:And next song is dedicated to a person who changed my life completely... i can't imagine my life without her! Mel,without u i'm nothing!
M:Awww... *some tears fell on her cheeks*
The crowd screamed as Eric took Mel on the stage.. At the end of the song,they kissed and it was sooo awwwww!!

*after 2 weeks*
Melody's perspective:
It isn't that bad to be followed my paparazzi...and i don't get sooo much hate from fans...Better i log in on twitter to see what's going on there..

*Mel logged in on twitter and checked her mentions*'s not that i see nobody wanna shoot me..

But this didn't last much cuz bad tweets we're coming.. Let's see how Melody can handle this! 

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