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I'm human, not an unicorn! 7 y 8

I'm human,not an unicorn!  Part VII

Melody's perspective: 
What the hell are they saying here? "Burn into the hell,bitch! Eric is mine!"?!! "You are dead!"  WTF?! C'mon! Pete didn't kill me and those frustrated girls will? Noo! And i won't tell Eric about this...i don't wanna worry he's really bussy those days:concerts,signings.. i barely see him...Oh..and now i'm seeing more and more hate tweets..gonna log off and go for a the park.. Maybe some fresh air will take my mind away from all this shit..

But it wasn't how she expected...

Okay..all good till now.. nobody has kidnapped me...yet... cool..look who i run into..a group of fans of Eric...breath,Melody, and go on walking..I passed them,but i could hear them whispering: "This is Eric's bitch? Omg!" ....wondering if they have a life...Oh..another group..btw,i know how E's fans looks like as i saw them at his concerts..

Fan: U don't deserve Eric at all!!
Mel:What? Look,kid,i fucking don't give a shit on your opinion..i'm sorry if u will think that i'm rude,but Eric's private life isn't ur business at all.. U have to love him for his music,voice,the way he treats his fans,but not for who's he dating,get it? Now i wanna see ur legs moving..byee without a life.. I'm sorry now for talking like this,but it just gets on my nerves when i see sooo much immaturity... Can't they just keep their opinions for them?!?!Wow...i was sooo busy thinking about all this so that i didn't see that i arrived at Eric's studio..Gonna make him a visit.

*at the studio*
E:Hey,babe!Everything ok? *kissed her*
M:Yeah! I was just missing u and i wanted to see u.. Am i bothering? can u say this? Missed u too. I was going to take some coffee? Want some?
J-Son:Hey,Mel! What's up? Everything okay?
M:Yeah...i'm fine..
J-Son:Sure? U don't have that "I'm the happiest girl in the world" face.
M:Can u keep a secret?
M:I'm getting a lot of hate from Eric's fans and i just don't know how to handle this anymore... Some of them are nice and sweet,but others... be honest,every girlfriend Eric had got hate and i just don't understand why they do this...they have to love him for his music...idk..
M:Yeah...agree with u...
J-Son:U have to be strong...this won't last long. U have to wait till they calm down and get used to this fact. They'll love u at last...If Eric loves u and believe me HE DOES,his fans will love u too... Did u tell Eric?
M:Thank u  And no...i don't wanna worry him with this unimportant things. 

But Eric was in the door way...
E:U get hate and u didn't tell me?'s not a big fuss...i'm gonna solve this...
E:Mel,we are in this together...remember? I don't wanna see those eyes sad,ok? I love u and we are going through this together...I knew u'll get hate,but i believed u'll tell me.
M:I didn't want to worry this...Yeah...u're right...we're in this together...I love u too 
Eric kisses her.
E:Will u come to my concert tonight?
M:How can i miss this? Should i put my Saade T-shirt on?
E:If u want... But u know u prefer u naked.. *starting to kiss her neck,down on the arm...*
M:Eric,we're in the studio,remember? Everyone can come in...
E:And? Oh...okay...but u have to take revenge tonight...BY THE WAY, my cabin from backstage is free after the concert...Just saying.
M:Better idea...we can go home after the concert and "have fun" in OUR bed 
E:I like how u think,baby! u have rehearsal,so let's go!

*at the concert*
E:And now...i wanna dedicate the next song to the girl who means the world to me. I love her to the moon and back and i wanna tell u that anyone who hurts her,hurts me and i know that u will love her once u get to know her,i'm sure u'll love her exactly as i do.. So now i'm gonna sing "Break of dawn". That's for u,babe!

And the tears started to fall on Mel's cheeks... At the end of the song they kissed..


Melody's perspective: 
Wow! What Eric said to fans at that concert worked quite well as i didn't have many hate messages like i had at the beginning. I finally h
ave a holiday,but Eric is still busy,so we can't go anywhere... That why i decided to spend some time on Twitter to... "improve" my relationship with fans.. Here it is..Cool..after a "Hey",my mentions went crazy! Well..convos started and it's not that bad. They're really nice,kind,sweet and funny 

*after 2 hours*
Talking with Eric's fans was amazing. I really hope i can talk to them again... as i used to talk when i was just a fan. I'm happy that now i see tweets like: "I really like her", "Eric is a lucky man"  Cutee..but nasty messages continue coming  I don't care 

Suddenly she heard the door opening 

M:It must be Eric 
E:Baaabeee,i'm homeee!!
M:Yaaayyy!!! Finally! And u said i work till late..
E:Yeah...recording songs take a while..but i'm free,so u should pack hour 
E:Honey,we have the plane at 4 am....we don't wanna miss the flight..
M:Flight to..?!
E:I hope u don't expect me to answer  
M:Yeah...why did i even ask?
E:Tic-Tac...time flies..
M:Oh...yeah :)) I'm going now 

*in the plane*
M:So...u still don't want to tell me?
E:Is the plane landing?
M:Oh...u drive me crazy!
E:My job,babe! *kiss her*

The plane landed we are! Babe,can u read that?
M:Mhmm..yeahh...Welcome to..BORA BORA?!! Omg!! It was my dream to come here..u know..when i was little,i was dreaming that one day i will come here with my imaginary friend Lucy and my camel Otto...
E:I don't think that i can turn into Lucy or Otto..
M:Oh..i can survive with that!
E:Sure u can :)) Here is our car!

*in the car*
M:Eric,i love u!
E:Love u was the perfect time for us to be just US! and in Sweden was too much agitation 
M:Did u tell someone about this?
E:Just to Team Saade and J-Son 
M:Pfeww...i thought u did like when we were in Hawaii :))
E:Naahh... everyone thought we were kidnapped then..

The car stopped in front of a luxurious huge hotel structured in little houses..u know.. specific to Bora Bora..
The hamal: Here is your house,sir! Have a pleasant holiday!
E:Thank u 
M:Babe,i'm going to take a shower..
E:Okay,i will go to take a look around..

When Melody was done with shower,Eric was already in the room... Well, Eric seeing Melody wearing just a towel was like a lion seeing his prey..
E:U know i can't hold back,baby!

In the next second,he crashed his lips on hers hitting her on the wall... She put her legs around E's hips while he threw the towel on the floor.
E:We can skip the dinner,right? I'm not hungry! said he between kisses
M:Sure u're not hungry! U're eating me right now!
A smirk appeared on E's face...
He gently, this time, put Mel on the bed while she was unbuttoning his shirt,but they didn't break the kiss.. Eric took his pants off
E:I will be gently this time,baby! I promise!
M:Halelujaaa!! U almost killed me last time 

Eric climbed on top of her kissing lips then going down on the neck,breasts, then on the belly leaving lips tips on Mel's body still wet from the shower... He went back on the lips while Eddie was in making Mel escape a moan..
E:I can't! I promised to be gently!
M:Not that gently!
E:Okay..u want it! Bad boy is back!
Eddie went deeper causing moanings from both of them.. These moaning were joined by some nice scratches left on E's back... was AGAIN a wild night!

*in the morning*
Suddenly Mel woke up..
M:Where are we?
E:In Bora Bora,babe!
M:Really? Cuz after that night,i believed we're in jungle!
E:Maybe we are...and maybe Lucy and Otto are here :))
M:Stop! Lucy and Otto are saints! They wouldn't go in a a temple most probably..
E:I wanna know if they're in this room  I wanna kiss u!
M:No..they aren't!
Eric kisses her.. breakfast? I'm starving...u fed yourself with my body,but i didn't eat the dinner..'This sounder sooo...cannibal!!
E:And u were delicious! But let's go to breakfast!

They'll have a great holiday if something bad doesn't happen! 

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