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I'm human, not an unicorn! 9

I'm human,not an unicorn!  Part IX

Melody's perspective:
Wow..this holiday was...i have no words to describe it... Such a shame that tomorrow we're leaving... Why?? It's soooo cool here..i don't wanna go back in Stockholm where my boss yells at me that i'm late...

E:Hey,babe! I'm back!
M:Hey...where were u?
E:Just looking and there..
E:What's up? Why do u have this "happy" face?
M:Tomorrow we're leaving...
E:Aww...don't worry,babe! We will be back here next month...i think...

Eric's perspective:
Can i be deeper in love than this? It's just...damn....i can't describe this feeling... Yep... Love is for u,Saade! U had just to wait the RIGHT person.. OMG! Just realised that i don't need to be a goats and no half human half goats kids..I'll have a normal wife and normal kids... These are the best news EVER! But my other bachelor side was screaming: "What's wrong with u? Kids? Wife? U're talking like a 45 yo man. WAKE UP,Eric!."Yeah...i definitely have to rid off of that side...

M:Hey,baby! Why are u smiling like that?
E:Hahaha..nothing..i had a lil fight with my bachelor side..
M:Oh..i thought i destroyed it when u asked me to be ur girl..
E:It's a difficult side 
M:Oh..u'll win the fight.. but i have bad news... Got this text from Varti..
Eric reads it loudly: "Hey.Come back.Emergency"
M:It's a lil strange...Varti never sends me so "simple" texts... She always ends them with "Boo" "Dude" or "Freak".
E:Means it wasn't Varti who sent the text..
M:And means that someone is in danger...
E:Is this your way to tell me that we have to leave earlier?
M:Yeah...sorry,boo...but i'm really worried...
E:It's okay,cupcake! *kiss her*

*in the plane*
E:And what's the plan when we get in Stockholm?
M:U go home and i'll go at SSO centre.
E:Do u really believe that i'll leave u alone?
M:Eric,we have talked about this before... I don't want you to be in danger.. I'm really worried cuz Pete can be a huge danger for u, SSO team,team Saade...
E:Why is team Saade in danger?
M:I don't know...all i know is that Pete is insane.. he desperately wants that diamond... i have the diamond..i brought it with me in Bora Bora..
E:Babe,just calm down... Maybe Varti was too lazy to add boo,dude or freak at the end of the text..
M:Hope so...

*in the car*
M:Can u leave me in front of SSO centre?
E:Sure,babe! But be careful,ok?

*at the centre*
M:Giiirrllsss,i'm baaacckkkkk!!!
Pete:Ow..look who arrived home... Welcome back,baby! And enjoy the fact that you're going down..
P:Someone's missing,right?
M:What did u do to my friends?
P:Let's say that they won't see...the light for a while..
P:Ow! Ow! Ow! Don't u think u insult too much for someone whose friends were kidnapped?!
M:I swear...if my friends have any injuries,I'M KILLING U! boxers are about to fall...i'm really scared...
M:Keep your boxers...soon u'll meet my anger..
P:Next joke,please!
Melody was about to kick him when 2 "gorillas" caught her..
M:U won't escape with....zzzzzzzzzz....

Eric's perspective:
I'm damn worried.. Mel isn't answering to the phone..and i've called her 10 times already.. If this Pete even dares to touch her,i'm gonna kill him..

Lina:Errriiiccc!!! Earth to Eriiiccc!!! Are u with us?
E:As much as i whole team Saade is here...icluding..MOM?!
E's mom:Yeah...where's Mel?
E:I don't know... I've already called her few times,but i got no answer..
E's mom: OMG!
E's mom: Your dad told me that Pete was on his way to Stockholm few hours ago... He might go to the centre..
E's mom: He's crazy about that diamond.. I tried to call the other girls,but i'm afraid that Pete kidnapped them... And i don't know where is the diamond... U don't have it,me neither..
E:Mel has it...
Lina:We have to do something...
E:Yeah...i will do something i should have done earlier...
Tomas:Eric,i know u're angry,but let's think... Let's call the police..
E:That asshole has my girl! If we call the police,maybe Pete will bring her back in a bag ready for morgue...
E's mom: It's something we can do...
E's dad: Yes! It is!
E:DAD! What are u doing here? Haven't u done enough?
E's mom:Eric!
E:What? Cause of that damn diamond,my girlfriend may be killed... Couldn't u throw Cat's Eye in a river 22 years ago?
E's dad:We can save her..but only if we work together... I know u're angry,but u can pass over this anger...
E:Fine,but i'm doing this only for Mel..I love her too much..
E's dad: Deal?
E:Deal! Baby,be ready to be saved!

But a hottie and his dad are strong enough to save Mel?

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