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I'm human,not an unicorn! 10

I'm human,not an unicorn!  Part X

Melody's perspective:
Wh..where am i? And why is so dark? Fuck u,Pete! Wait..i'm seeing some shadows... Are those...girls?? OMG!

Mel: Psss!! Diddyyyy!!
D:Oh...my head...M..M..Mel? Is that u?
M:No,silly! Is my grandma with spy body!..
D:Yeah...it's u!
M:What happened? And whisper! Pete and walls have ears!
D:Well...we we're looking for some informations about where Pete could go...
Varti: And when we were on the point to find out...
Indré: Some gorillas entered in the centre..
Katrin:And they brought us here..
Mel:Good..everybody woke up..Moa,Tamara,Josipa are u ok,girls?
J:I have some injuries,but i'll be ok..
T:Me too..
Moa: Pete is an asshole!
V:How did u get here,Mel?
M:Well..i guess Pete decided i saw light too much,so he brought me to the dark.. He kidnapped me when i came back from Bora Bora... Pete is an asshole,but i think the trips he made affected his mind! I have the diamond...he kidnapped me,but he didn't take it... he or is really stupid or he has a plan.
V: Ow..ow..ow..u were in Bora Bora and u didn't tell us?
M:I didn't know either till the plane landed there! Eric can keep a secret! But this is all u heard from what i said?
V:No.. i heard all,but this was the interesting part.
D:We have to get out from here...
M:Well... Pete decided i look better cut,so i'm injured..
V:Shhhh! Someone is coming!
M:Pretend u're dead...no...not dead...just..sleepy...fainted...close ur eyes..
I:We got it,Mel!

P:I think they got up!
One of the gorillas: No,boss! They didn't!

Eric's perspective:
Wow...wondering how will this be...to be face to face with my dad's enemy.. Should i be scared or honoured?

E's dad: Eric,time for training! Hope u didn't expect to kill Pete with ur look!
E:Well...oh..no..or yes...i look good..
E's dad:Yeah...but Pete is a BOY...u don't look like a chick!
E:Wondering how's to be a hot chick!
E's dad: This is all what matters now?
E:No! I have to save MY chick!
E's dad:That's my boy! Let's go to the training!

*at the training centre*
Trainer:So..i have to warn u! Pete is a good fighter! But u will be better!
E:Good encouragement!
T:Now...raise ur leg as high as u can.. Good. now kick in the air few times.. Good. The all thing is to keep ur balance.. Now kick me!
E:I can't! U did nothing to me!
T:C'mon! Don't be a chicken! Kick me!
E:Okay...u wanted it! Haiiiaaaaaa!!
T:Good..u hit...my...balls!!
E:This is the weakest point of a boy!
T:U learn fast,son!
E:Thanks..i think..
T:Now..what if Pete attacks u from behind?
E:I'm gonna turn to him and kick his b...
T:U don't have time for this.. U have to catch his fist then throw him in the wall..Let me show u! Attack me!
E:I don't think i want this!
T:Stop acting like a chicken! U're a fighter exactly like ur dad!
E:Okay... not exactly like my dad..i missed few lessons.. Okayy...Haaiiiaaaaa!!!

The trainer catches him..
E:Waaaaaaaaaa!!! Ouch... why wasn't Mel kidnapped by Santa Claus?
T:Cuz it's summer!
E:This wall is...
T:Stop complaining! And stop saying "haiiiaaaa"! U're not Jackie Chan!
E:Okay.. But i like to say hhaaaiiiaaaa!!!
T:Oh..do what u want! Now.. I have to learn u how to give uppercuts!
E:Oh..i know that! Like this! * and he gives an uppercut to the trainer*
T:Good!! How did u know this?
E:My dad learnt me! I think he was preparing me somehow for this day!
T:Then..i guess i've finished my job! Kick Pete's ass!

Eric's perspective:
Wow...i think i need some ice... But i'm ready to kick Pete's ass!

E's dad: Now..u need to be dressed...This is ur suit!

He dresses the suit!
E:Wow! I look like Bond! James Bond! But i'm Saade! Eric Saade!
E's dad: Now...let's go..Pete keeps the girls in the factory where u were when u were kidnapped!
E:I kinda know that place!

*at the factory*
E's dad: This is the plan.. at my signal,u all enter in the factory and attack the gorillas. Eric will deal with Pete!
Other spy guy: And where are we supposed to sit?
E's dad: 3 of u outside and the rest inside! Now....1..2..3.NOOOWWW!!!
E:Everybody stop moving! ESBI IS HERE!
E:That's right babe! Don't worry..we will get u all out from here!
Pete:Ow ow ow! What do we have here? The lil singer thought that he can kill the criminal? Take ur toy microphone and go home,dude!
E:Not without my girl!Haaaiiaaa!

Eric kick Pete so fast that he can't defend himself.. so soon..he's on the floor! Wow! Eric is a damn good fighter!

Mel:Eric,unravel me,so i can help u to fight!
E:Okay..Guys,unravel the other girls too!

And all start fighting with Pete and his people.. Soon..all Pete's people were on the floor and so was Pete.. He was finally caught!

E:Are u all okay?
Mel:Yeah..my hero!
E:I told ya that i'll save u!
Mel:And u did it! Thanks,babe! Means u're a spy now?
E:No.. I just wanna sing! Btw,we gota talk when we get home!
E:Now..let's all go home! Too much hhaaaiiiaaa for one day!
All:haha.. Thanks,Eric! 

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