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I'm human,not an unicorn! 11

I'm human,not an unicorn!  Part XI

I'm human,not an unicorn! 
Eric's perspective: 
Damn...this Pete really knows how to kick...i need some ice here and here now i'm for real cooler than ice...At least Mel is okay..i should have a serious discussion with her about this spy thing. she's in danger most of the time.. I just wanna know that she's in safe...she will understand...i hope she will give up this job! Here she come..

M:Heeyy....what's up?
E:Babe...i gotta talk to u about what happened last night...
M:It's okay...i understand...
E:U do?? 
M:Yeah...u saw how dangerous my life is,so u wanna break up with me...
E:Nooo! No way! Never!
E:Look...i think this life is too damn dangerous for u and for everyone... i just wanna know that u're in safe when i'm on a tour for example...
M:What are u trying to tell me,Eric?
E:Last night made me see how important the safe and life are... i was damn scared when i found out that u were kidnapped and by Pete...i don't wanna go through this again cuz i love u too much...
M:I love u too,but what do u wanna tell me?
E:Ur job or me...this is what i wanna tell u! U have to choose... a dangerous life or a safe one with me...
M:What? I just can't believe that u asked me to choose between 2 things i love!
M:What,Eric? I just have this job cuz of grandpa... he was a spy for SSO too and i loved him damn much.. he learnt me almost all i know. 5 years ago he was killed by Pete's ppl.. When he was killed,i promised that i won't stop till Pete isn't dead our case, caught.. He is now..but i'm still feeling that it's not enough.. i won't stop till Pete doesn't get what deserves! The problem is that when i was being focused on Pete,i gained some amazing friends who i really love: Varti,Diddy,Indré,Moa,Josipa,Tamara and Katrin...i can't leave them... plus i really love my dangerous life,so i can't believe u asked me to do this... U can't imagine how much i'd love to have my grandpa here with me,so just for his sake,i won't give up this job...u said u wanna join me in this life,but nobody forces u to stay with me anymore..

But she got out of the room slamming the door....

Melody's perspective:
Tears are coming in my eyes...i don't have to least as long as i'm on the road..i don't wanna make any accident.. i am..SSO centre..

*at the centre*
Diddy:What happened?
Indré:Omg! What's with that face?
V:Spit all out!
Mel:Eric asked me to choose between him and my job cuz he thinks this is too dangerous..
V:Honey,he did this cuz he loves u too much and he doesn't want to see u in danger!
M:I know! But...
I:Every couple has his problems,but sooner or later they solve them...
M:Cool....tell me what couple broke up cuz one of the parters was a spy... my fate is to live the rest of my life alone...seems that i'm a danger for everyone..
D:No! U and Eric are the most perfect couple i've ever can't stop like that..u love him..he loves u! what the fuck is the problem?
V:Did u explain him why can't u give up ur job?
I:And then let me guess.... U left the room like a diva slamming the door..
M:A kind of...
I:Typical for u!
V:U gotta talk to him...ASAP!
M:I'll see...

*at the studio*
J-Son:Hey,buddy! What's up?
Lina:What happened with Mel?
E:How did u guess that this is about Mel?
L:Doesn't matter...what happened?
E:I asked her to choose between me and her job... and she got angry and she slammed the door...
J-Son:What? Dude,look,u gotta talk to just can't finish like that! U're perfect one for each other...and u love each other...
E:She chose her job,dude!
L:No! She didn't! She left the room just cuz she can't choose between 2 things che loves! U know she loves her job!
E:Yeah,but i wanna know that she's in safe!
J-Son:She is! Don't forget that she can defend herself!
E:U don't understand me!
L:U gotta talk to her ASAP!

I just wondering if they'll be a couple again...well...we will see in the next part! 

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