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Love Or Distraction' Capítulo 2.

Hola, les dejo un fanfic escrito por el usuario de twitter @ImagineEricS.  Por ahora tiene dos capítulos pero si aparecen más los iré congaldo. Espero que les guste tanto como a mi.

Love Or Distraction' Chapter 2.

I've arrived at Json's place. We're having a little party with a few friends at his house and offcourse Eric is here too allthough I'm not really sure where we're standing. It's been about 2 months since I first met Eric. We've been out for lunch a few times, went to the movies and did lots of other stuff. But I'm not sure if he feels about me how I feel about him. We have been sending flirty texts but he just hasn't made a move yet. I know it's shallow to say that I'm waiting for the man to make the move but I'm scared that he'll reject me if I do.

"Let's play spin the bottle!" Cecilia yelled as she smirked at me.

We all sat around in a circle and placed a bottle in the middle. It was Json who spun the bottle as first. We all anxiely watched the bottle spin until it stopped at Cecilia. "Cecilia.. I dare you to kiss Moa!" 

"Oh guys please, are we really gonna play that game where you act like little high school boys and get turned on about two girls kissing?" I said while looking around the cirlce while everyone nodded.

"Whatever." Moa grabbed my face and we intentionally kissed kind of sexy to make everyone going crazy. 
I saw Eric smiling in the corner of my eye. "Let me spin the bottle now!" He yelled.

He spun the bottle and this time it stopped at Json. I saw Eric got a smirk on his face so I knew he had a genious plan for him. "Json, I dare you to twerk for us." Everyone bursted out in laughter.

"No way, bro."

Everyone started to cheer "Json, Json, Json!" He gave up under the pressure and went in the middle of the circle. "Drop the beat!" Eric put up a song as Json bent a little down and started to twerk. Unfortanetly he didn't know how to twerk at all and he did some weird movements with his. Some of us were literally crying of laughter. I wish I would've filmed that.

Json sat back down and spun the bottle as it landed on Eric. "Time for revenge bro.." Eric looked kind of scared by now. "Don't bro.." He whispered. 

"Eric... I dare you to kiss Moa." Everyone turned their head to me and Eric.
"I fucking told you to not and stil you gave this dare. What kind of friend are you?!" He got up and stormed out of the door. Everyone was looking in confusing at me. I got up and ran after him.

It wasn't until I was outside that I found him sitting on a bench. "What's wrong?" I went to sit next to him. 
He kept looking at the ground. "Nothing. Just leave it." 

"Is it something I did? I understand if you're not attracted to me and you don't want to kiss me because we're just friends. I mean -" He cut me off by putting his lips on mine. At first I didn't react because I didn't see it coming but soon I placed my hands around his neck and kissed him back. He pushed his tongue against my lips and I grantly opened. It was quiet outside and all you could hear were our kissing noises.

I pulled back. "What are you doing?"

He placed his hand on my leg. "The only reason I didn't want to kiss you for that stupid game is beczuse I've been liking you from the moment I met you. You have something mysterious about you. You're funny, listen to me and I feel like you understand me. I've been waiting to kiss you for so long but I had no clue wether you liked me back or not. I didn't want our first kiss to be for a game. I wanted it to be real."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. 
"That's exactly how I was feeling about you but I thought you weren't interested in me." I said smiling.

He took my hand, pulled me up and kissed me again.
"Wanne go back inside or hang out at my place?"

"Your place." I smiled.

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