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'Love Or Distraction.' Capítulo 1.

Hola, les dejo un fanfic escrito por el usuario de twitter @ImagineEricS.  Por ahora tiene dos capítulos pero si aparecen más los iré congaldo. Espero que les guste tanto como a mi.

'Love Or Distraction.' Chapter 1.

The doorbell rang. I opened and saw my best friend Cecilia standing in front of me, being excited about tonight's halloween party. She gave me a hug. "Girl, we gonna find you a man tonight."

I sighed. Ever since she has a boyfriend, she has been desperate to find me one.

"We're just gonna party with our friends and chill Cecilia..."
She pulled up her shoulders. "Whatever."

We went upstairs to finish our looks and get dressed. She was dressed up as a female police officer and I was dressed as the black swan, wearing a supercute and supershort black dress with a corset.
"You look so hot, I'm giving up if you can't find a man tonight!" She threw her hands in the air.
"I told you I'm not looking for anyone. What time is Json picking us up?"
She all of a sudden had this look on her face like she came up with a plan. "He should be here in 5 minutes. But did you know he is bringing Eric Saade with him?! And he's single!"
I raised my eyebrow. "I don't even like his music. And he's so annoying."
She sighed. "Why are you so hard? You haven't even met him. Don't judge!" 

All of a sudden the doorbell rang again. We took our purses, put our heels on and ran down.
When I opened, Json stood there dressed up as some kind of Tarzan. It made me laugh so hard.
"What? I'm Tarzan giiiirl." Cecilia and I looked at each other and walked to the car while laughing.

When I stepped in the car, I saw an other guy sitting in the front. He turned around and reached for my hand. "I'm Eric." He introduced himself. I got caught off guard. His eyes are actually really beautiful. Cecilia noticed me being weird and poked me in my side. I snapped out of his gaze. "Ehh... I'm Moa. Nice to meet you."
I shook his hand and sat back. I saw Cecilia smirking in the corner of my eye. I turned to her and and let my face go from left to right, gesturing no.

After a short drive we arrived at the party, immediately flying into the endless drinks ,having a good time.
I was dancing with Cecilia when I noticed Eric was switching glares with me while talking to other girls..
It made me blush.

"What are you looking at?!" Cecilia screamed in my ear.
"Nothing. Just look at that Eric kid, being surrounded by all those desperate girls."
Cecilia gave me a questioning look. "Are you jealous?"
I snapped my fingers. "Hell no, he's so full of himself."

Before Cecilia even could answer, her boyfriend arrived and she ran to him like she hadn't seen him in weeks, leaving me behind in the middle of the dancefloor. I decided to go to the bar and get an other drink eventhough I was already feeling lightheaded. I sat down and took a sip of my drink when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around and saw Eric standing there cheekily smiling.

"We haven't properly met yet." He said.
"Well, I know you're Eric, you know I'm Moa, that's kind of enough isn't it?"

He gave me this offended look. "Damn, is my nose stil here or did you just bite it off?"
I put my hand against my forehead. "I'm sorry, I have this image of you in my head that's been purely created by newspaper and I shouldn't judge you like that."

He took my hand. "Well, wanne make it up and go sit outside with me so we can talk in all quitness?"
I raised my shoulders and followed him outside.

"So what have you heard that makes you dislike me so much?"
I was slightly embarressed by this point. "Well first of all I have a younger sister who's obsessed with you so I basically see your face and hear your music every second of the day. So my sister actually kind of makes me find you annoying. Plus, I've paid 1495 SEK so my sister could meet you backstage. Aren't you rich enough?"

He laughed. "Well, I'm happy at least your sister likes me. And I thought I'd make my fans happy with that. And you have to understand that we have to raise the price because otherwise everyone could buy it and it'd be chaos, right? And the money is by the way going to a good cause. I guess you forgot to read that."

"Oh my, I am so embarresed, I can't even look you in the eye!"

"It's okay. I'm quit known in Sweden and with the papers writing lies about me, it's easy to dislike me."

"Well, I must admit you're actually a nice guy..."

After sitting outside, talking about 2 hours getting to know each other, I decided it was time to go home but I couldn't find Json anymore who basically was my ride and Cecilia offcourse took off with her boyfriend.

"Do you need a ride?" Eric asked.
"I actually do..." I smiled and blinked with my eyes.

We got in the car and drove home. One of his songs actually started to play.
I started to sing along. "I'm dressing up for tonight, don't need no list no invite..."
Eric turned to me in surprise. "You know my lyrics?!"

"Well, I told you my sister plays your music all day long, haha!"

He also started to sing along but we had to cut off as we arrived at my house. Healso got out and walked me to my door. "I had so much fun tonight and thank you for giving me a ride."

"Guess I'm a better friend than Json & Cecilia since they left you. And damn, I thought you found me annoying..." He laughed.

I slapped his arm. "Please, let us forget my awkward introduction?"

He kissed my cheek and walked back to the car.
"It's all good Moa, it's all good..."

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