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Artículo/ entrevista de Eric para Aftonbladet

Hola, les dejo otro artículo sobre Eric. Lo pongo en Inglés porque era la mejor traducción desde el sueco.... si quieren ver el artículo original, haz click en el enlace al final del post. También les dejo un vídeo de la entrevista.

Eric Saade is back with a darker tile.

Now he tells the misery and the hard partying after the breakup of Molly Sanden.
- I was svinig, he tells Aftonbladet.
After a turbulent our music stands the focus ofEric Saade , 22.
On the new album "Forgive me" he makes up with the breakup from Molly Sanden , 21.
- It's my first really honest album. I have never dared to expose myself. The album is about to go from misery to be happy. I talk a lot about my former relationship. I've never done. It was nice to vent, he tells Aftonbladet.

"I was not happy"

That album would get such a personal touch was obvious.
He had no choice.
- It was the middle of all the chaos. I was not happy when I wrote it, he says.
The time after the breakup was Eric lost.
- I was single and did not know what I would do. Then I svinig, and got tunnel vision.
- You become ego when you're single. Fucking ego. And I do not like it.
What was your life like then?
- I was miserable and very closed. I did not meet many people. Then it was on the contrary a period. I was single and was out partying all the time.
The turnaround came when Eric no longer recognize their own behavior.
- I'm not a party guy. I was weird. I locked myself in the day and went out in the evenings. It was one of my dark periods. It took some time to realize.But it's not so fun to wake up hung over every morning and feel worn.
When Molly Sanden last winter got together with Danny Saucedojournalists began to call.
Eric's reply?
- Media Whores, he tweeted.

"I was not thinking"

Today, he expresses himself somewhat milder.
- I threw the safe out of me a few things that are not good. I was pissed off and did not think. But everyone has feelings. Now I have got out of me, some of them on the album. Then I have been able to shut up, he says.
How does it feel that Molly should listen to the album?
- It's a little weird, but I have not thought of. Damn, you would not have said so. But we know where we are anyway. And she has heard a few songs.

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