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Artículo sobre Eric en Expressen

Hola, les dejo un artículo sobre Eric. Lo pongo en Inglés porque era la mejor traducción desde el sueco.... si quieren ver el artículo original, haz click en el enlace al final del post.

Eric Saade: I was a pig.

“Forgive Me” – so reads the title of Eric Saade’s new album, to be released next week.
And there are things that the 22-year-old entertainer regret.
- One is single and is a son of a bitch for a while, says Saade.

Next week, Eric Saade releases his new album, "Forgive me." And the title of the disc is genuine - 22-year-old regrets things he's done.
For Expressen says Saade to several parts of the album is about his previous relationship with Molly Sanden, which ended last year.
- Large parts of the plate is about my old former relationship, what it's like when you break up. It was not easy, we had the whole of Sweden eyes on us and were young, he said.

Regret things

Saade says he regrets things he did after the breakup with Sanden.
- One is single and is a son of a bitch for a while because you have not been single in a long time, as some stuff is about, says Saade.
Pops steamer says that he is not a person who enjoys being single.
- I was not happy, had a lot of tunnel vision when I was out. I was like a satellite, says Saade.

Ventilates through music

Releasing an album is something special that the fans can relate to is important, says Saade.

- And it feels good to be able to vent through music. From a breakup until you are happy again, it is a journey, he says.

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