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I'm human,not an unicorn! 12

I'm human,not an unicorn!  Part XII (FINAL)

Eric’s perspective:
I don’t wanna end this beautiful relationship we have…I was a jerk..I miss her kisses and the little stupid things she used to do like jumping in bed like a lil kid who gets sweets when I was coming home from studio… damn it,Eric! I gotta talk to her otherwise I’m gonna lose the love of my life…
*Suddenly he felt the phone vibrating… *
I just got a photo from Jennifer….who’s that? Anyway,is that…MELODY? But who is she making out with? That ring belongs to…PETE???!!! This went too far… I’m going to talk to her right NOW!
*on the phone*
E:Hey.Where are you?
M:At the centre…why?
E:We gotta talk…NOW!
M:Okay…I’ll be there in 10 minutes!

Melody’s perspective:
Eric seemed upset on the phone….i haven’t been talking to him for more than a week,but I’ve never heard him so upset…I’m just wondering what did I do this time?!

*at Eric’s apartment*
Knock! Knock!
Eric opened the door…
M:I came as fast as I could…what happened?
E:Melody,do you love me or I was just a toy boy for you?
M:What kind of question is this?
M:Damn it,Eric! I love you more than you can imagine!
E:Aww…so that means that you missed me so much and because we broke up,you decided to find love and relief in Pete’s arms,huh? You’re disgusting me!
M:I did..WHAT? O__o
E:Don’t pretend that you don’t know!!!
M:How can you believe that I would go to find lovein my death enemy’s arms?
E:At least tell me the truth,you lil slut!
M:Oh..please! Stop! *and tears rivers were flowing on her cheeks*
E:To stop,huh?! I have to learn to not trust people so easy.
M:C…C…Can you show me the proof that I cheated on you…with…Pete?!!
E:Sure! Take a look on my phone!You’ll find all there!

*Melody takes the phone and looks with eyes wide opened at the photo where it seemed that she was making out with Pete…
E:Isn’t that you,Miss Slut Melody?
M:She looks like me,BUT IT’S NOT ME!
E:Ow,REALLY? She has the bracelet I gave you,Melody!
M:I lost the bracelet in a fight with Pete,Eric!
E:Or in his bed!
M:Fuck,Eric! At least, have you seen who sent the message?!
M:Yes! Pete’s girlfriend! You said that you shouldn’t trust people so easy,but you trust someone’s girlfriend who wanted to kill you?
E:It’s too obvious that it’s you!!!
M:Look…it is something I have to tell you!
E:What?! The TRUTH?! Or that while you were kicking Pete’s ass,you were thinking how to sleep with him?

Melody’s perspective:
OMFG! I’d rather be stabbed than hearing those words from Eric…. Fuck,Jennifer! Why do you wanna ruin my life?! I gotta tell him WHO is Jennifer…the TRUTH! But…how?! Saint God of Cookies,help me! I have to figure something out…Oh..I have the feeling that I’m gonna burst into tearsreally really soon! How could he call me like that?...

E:HELLO! I’m waiting for explanations here!
M:I don’t know how to start this…
E:It’s be nice if you start with the beginning!
M:That’s not me! Anka isn’t the only sister I have…Jennifer is my twin sister…and that’s Jennifer! *pointing to the photo*
M:Yeah…my grandpa was killed because of her…with 3 months before his death,she met Pete and since then they’re together. He manipulated her to tell him all my grandpa’s plans,missions and she did this…she told him everything. Pete took her minds!She’s evil now…just cuz of Pete…she is in the photo and I can prove!
M:Zoom in the photo and you’ll see a mark on her left shoulder. I don’t have that mark! Look!
E:Yeah..it..it’s true! I’m so sorry,baby!
M:Fuck,Eric! How could you believe that I had sex with Pete?!
E:Sorry,Mel,but I was confused and scared cuz I believed I had lost you…
M:It’s okay…I forgive you…I should have told you earlier…will you forgive me for what I said last week?! The reason of our breakup!
E:Sure,honey..it was my fault tooi shouldn’t have asked you to give up your job..it’s something that you really love and if you’re happy,then I’m happy too…
M:Aww…I love you,Eric!

*Eric crashes his lips on hers. *
M:This is your way to say “I love you too!” ?!
E:You know I’m original!

Suddenly they heard someone saying: SHHIITTT!!
E:What was that?
M:I don’t know… let’s see!

They went in the lobby and saw someone with the same features like Melody..same hair…same body shape…same eyes colour…She was..

E:Wow…you really are…twins!
M:Just outside…inside we are damn different!
Jennifer: Bravo! You figured this out…I’m impressed.. *clapping sarcastically*
M:What do you want,Jen!?
E:Why did you want to ruin your sister’s life?
M:Answer me!
J:Why would I want to ruin your perfect life? Cuz it’s too perfect! You have everything that I should have had! I’m jealous on you! That’s why I sent that photo!! Plus…my life is so boring since Pete is in prison.
M:For God’s sake,why can’t you understand that Pete is a manipulating criminal?!
J:He is the only one who loves me! Exactly how I am!
M:You’re not like THAT! Pete made you to be like that!
M:Why did you kill grandpa?
J:I hated him for loving you! You were his perfect granddaughter and I was just “the other”.
M:It’s your fault that you and grandpa drifted apart! He loved you! Pete took your fucking minds!
J:Now he’s gone and so are you!
*She got out a gun from the pocket*
M:Jen,don’t make a mistake…AGAIN!
J:You have to die,Mel!
M:Just think that I’m your sister!
J:That’s why I wanna kill you!
Police:There she is!
J:You called the police?!
E:No! I did!
M:You said nobody loves you like Pete…well…I love you…in spite of the fact that you wanted to kill me..i still love you and I really hope that inside of this evil look is hiding that innocent girl who was playing with me all day long and whose dream was to become a famous writer.
J:Before you to take me,I wanna tell Melody something! It’s true… I was jealous that your dream came true and mine not…I lied when I said that I hate grandpa…I loved him..a lot…but when I saw how he was teaching you to fight and how he was ignoring me,I started to hate him…that’s why I did that huge mistake and now I regret it…so damn much.. I’m so sorry for everything…and I love you too…Hope that you and Anka and mom and dad will forgive me one day..i promise that since now,I’ll be a good girl.. You are right about Pete…I’m sorry!
Police:Let’s go!

Police took Jennifer and Eric and Melody remained alone in the lobby…suddenly Mel’s eyes were full of tears…
E:Shhhh….everything is okay now!
M:Thanks,baby! For everything and for being with me…
E:I love you,cookie!

*And they kissed! Pam pam pam!
Intense moments,huh?! Well..at least it is a story with happy end…but what happened with Eric,Mel,Jennifer,Pete and the others?! Well..a year later after she was caught,Jennifer gets out from the prison for good behavior and because Mel didn’t declarate something against her. She writes her first book intitulated “The mistake” and she tells there the story of her life.Her book was really appreciated and she became famous in the whole world. Mel slowly gives up her job,but she still has missions…nothing compared with Pete’s one. Oww…I forgot to tell you about Pete..he died in prison 2 years later because of an unknown disease…. I’m not wondering as he was on drugs.. Eric spreads his music in the whole world becoming more and more popular… He and Melody live a beautiful love story exactly like Anton Ewald and Anka.. Mel and her family forgave Jennifer and now they finally are a normal family.. Seems that everything is okay,huh? Finally I’m seeing a happy end in this story. Well…I’m just a girl who mentally was with Mel and Eric and spreads…hope you like it  

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